Screenshot of ViriDOS


Jank Jumper: Unlimited

Tower Heist (Prototype)

Creed (Prototype)


From Stone to Steel


Northeastern Khoury Promo

A Discrete Structures Christmas


Wasting Water Is Outdated

OA PTSA Winter Raffle Ad


"Time" Virtual Orchestra

Math Mini-Project

Miscellaneous Projects


Date created March 5, 2021 ⸱ Tags programming, game dev, filmmaking, video editing, music, ui design


Hi! I'm Aiden Sato, a computer science student at Northeastern University. I'm proficient in the React and Svelte frameworks for JavaScript/TypeScript, alongside additional experience in C#, GDScript, Java, Racket, and Python. Despite most of my experience being in webdev, I also have a lot of fun with game development, and I also have some mobile app development experience. In addition to programming, I enjoy many aspects of filmmaking, especially video editing, and am proficient at using DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro for editing, as well as GIMP and Photoshop for photo editing. Sometimes, I also play around with music production in FL Studio.

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